Welcome to Canada West Land

Canada West Land is a comprehensive land broker with a focus on meaningful relationships with stakeholders. We provide land solutions and public consultation services to a variety of clients, in a variety of industries. Our relationships span decades and are a testament to our understanding, diligence, and reliability in providing unequaled service.

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To lead, diversify, and revolutionize professional services.


To deliver exceptional client value through commitment to our people, teamwork, strong stakeholder relations and the innovative use of technology.


Accountable. Adaptable. Authentic. Reliable. Fun.

Value Proposition

Our Team

Our team is instrumental in strengthening our company and our relationships with clients. CWL is a proponent of continuous learning and places great importance in providing team members with the resources to develop and succeed. They rock. Seriously.


We are committed to our clients; they are an extension of us; their success is our success. Sounds hokey, but it’s true. This approach means our dedicated team will do whatever it takes to ensure the successful delivery of a project. Our commitment to our clients is paramount to the level of service we provide.

Project Management Approach

Our project management approach allows for appropriate forecasting of timelines and costs, change management, innovative data storage, quality assurance, and effective reporting. We ensure that our suite of project facilitating tools and processes manage your project from initiation to closing. We’re not here to tell you what to do, simply to make your life a lot easier.


We have offices and agents located strategically across Western Canada to facilitate your needs, allowing us to lower costs and decrease response time. Cheap, quick, and well done. Most say you can have 2 of the 3. We strive to prove them wrong.


Our adaptability is essential in offering flexible, tailored services to a variety of clients, in a variety of industries. We provide customized service packages so you can choose only the services you need. Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Lower Costs

We have worked diligently to become more efficient and streamline processes, with the goal of improving turnaround times and lowering costs. We know cash is king, so this is a priority while we strive to be a low cost leader in our industry.