Real Estate

Our in-house team of experienced and knowledgeable land agents is able to prospect opportunities, determine land value, as well as complete feasibility studies and site selection, whatever our clients are after, we will find a solution that fits their needs.

There is no real estate problem we can’t solve or haven’t already through our decades of diverse industry experience. This allows us to offer an integrated model through numerous stages: idea and development, through to project management and disposal. Whether the project requires rezoning for renewable energy development or subdivision for new homes, we provide guidance every step of the way.

Land Purchase Services

We specialize in facilitating land purchases based on our clients specific objectives. Our expertise is in both crown and free-hold land acquisition for agricultural and industrial development, as well as greenfield projects. To ensure you are getting the best value we complete fair market valuations to support land compensation and purchase values.

Due Diligence

Ensuring that the final transaction is exactly as the client wants requires some due diligence. Our in-house teams identify potential risks and concerns, informing the client and providing solutions to gain the highest possible return on investment. Identifying any value added potential for the land acquisition also aids in long-term planning of the project.

Site Selection and Acquisition

Our experience allows us to have access to existing opportunities and provide these to our clients. We negotiate aggressively to ensure optimum pricing every time.


We can provide feasibility studies to ensure the project aligns with each clients specific objectives. It allows us to identify and mitigate risks, reducing costs, and increasing project success. Ultimately, generating more value.


Working with out client we identify what the best solution is for the land. Constantly working with all stakeholders to address and concerns that may arise. We work to identify and mitigate issues early on in the development process to reduce delays in project development. The rezoning process is specific to each city or town and we make sure we are local experts.

Development Permitting

The development process encompasses many individual tasks. We provide guidance and support through all of them. Timelines vary depending on complexity, we provide a comprehensive planning and permit submission process to ensure you project receives approval efficiently.

Land Use Bylaws and Zoning

Adhering to and amending bylaws to ensure your project is complete can be tricky. We understand the application process, testing, and evaluation to ensure the bylaws are in place for many years.

Stakeholder Engagement

Building on relationships and effectively communicating with all parties involved in a project creates a positive experience for everyone. Stakeholder engagement and public consultation can take on many forms – we are committed to work and build strong relationships with everyone involved, resulting in a successful project.

Land Sales

We are always helping clients buy and sell land. So when a project is over or divestiture of assets is required, we provide insight and work with you to find the right buyer, always negotiating aggressively to bring out the most value.


We target key prospects in all relevant industries and potential buyer pools. We continually identify and develop new sales opportunities, expanding our reach to ensure that every property receives maximum exposure.

Key Real Estate Contact

Jarvis Nicoll | President

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We help you unlock the value in your property and work with you through the entire process.